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What are Your Financial Concerns?

You are an affluent retiree. Through hard work, saving, and investing, you have accumulated a substantial net worth. If you are not a member of the "One Percent," you are at least in the "Five Percent." You have done well, but you still have concerns. Because of longevity, inflation, and volatile financial markets, you still wonder if you have enough money. How might the economy, taxes, and health care impact your nest egg? Add in the federal debt, declining dollar, and the uncertainty about Social Security and unfunded pensions, it is no wonder why many high-net-worth seniors lose sleep at night. 

A focus on preservation and protection. At Brock Financial Consultants, we do things a bit differently. We will not attempt to convince you why taking on more risk in search of higher returns is the solution to your concerns. In fact, as fee-based financial consultants, our focus is preserving all that you have worked hard to accumulate. And, as a member of the targeted wealthy class, asset protection is increasingly important.

Each person's or couple's situation is different. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. That is why we provide comprehensive planning that spans over many months. During the data gathering and planning process, we discover that our clients want real answers to help them in one or more of the following areas:

Learn more about what you can expect during the financial planning process at Brock Financial Consultants. And, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have.