How are we compensated? How are fees structured?

handshakeDuring our free and confidential initial meeting, we will discuss your current circumstances, needs, goals, and do a cursory review of your Personal Financial Check-Up. With this in mind, we will quote you a fee range we believe will likely apply in your circumstances. If you think you might like to proceed forward, we will schedule the data-gathering interview.

At the conclusion of the thorough data-gathering interview in your home, we will quote a flat, fixed fee that covers all meetings throughout the planning process (Steps 1-4 above). One half of the fee is paid when quoted, with the remainder due 3-4 weeks later when we present our written observations, findings, and recommendations to you.

As of the conclusion of the data-gathering interview, you will have a very good feel about our competencies, whether or not we are addressing your concerns, and whether or not you believe we will be able to accomplish things that will be very significant for you. Nevertheless, you will have five business days (one week) in which to give us a call to cancel the engagement and receive an immediate and full refund of the fee paid. This is all explained, in writing, in the Client Engagement Letter. So, even though the risk for the data-gathering interview is on us, we feel no wish to proceed forward if you do not feel we will be able to accomplish your objectives. We hope you believe this is fair.

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