Long Distance Retirement Planning

Worried that you don't live anywhere near any of our branch offices?  You have nothing to fear!  We are well equipped and comfortable working with you from a distance.  We have clientele all over the country (and world), and have established systems to work with you wherever you are located.

Don't let location prevent you from making one of the most important decisions of your retirement.

The Initial Consultation –

  • Answer questions to who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
  • For clients near local branch offices, this meeting takes place in our office.  For out-of-area clients, the meeting will take place via telephone or video-conferencing.
  • Financial Needs Analysis
  • Discuss Quizzes, Questionnaires, etc...

Data Gathering and Fact Finding –

  • After your initial consultation meeting, our advisors setup a comprehensive data gathering meeting.
  • Designed to gather qualitative and quantitative information about your personal financial situation
  • In most instances, we recommend the advisor visit you at your home.  You'll have easy access to financial records, tax information, and important documentation needed for this meeting.
  • This meeting gives the advisor the basis for developing your personalized financial plan.

Plan Presentation –

  • Once the data is gathered, the advisor will take the next couple of weeks to analyze the data, and prepare the initial draft of your plan.  You'll have an opportunity to look over the details, make corrections, and ask any questions that arise.
  • The advisor will start the education process to make sure that you understand the fundamentals of the recommendation in the plan.  This is often done in an intensive and exhaustive 2-day strategic planning session that will give you the personalized education you need for your plan's implementation.
  • Plan presentations are often taken care of via video conference.

Implementation –

  • After the details of your financial plan are ironed out and you have been educated to the what, how, and why of the recommendations, it is time to implement the plan.  Your plan is useless until you begin to put it into action.  Your advisor will guide you through this process and help you get each of the action steps of your plan implemented.
  • Implementation is also often taken care of via phone or video conference.

On-going Monitoring, Surveillance, and Annual Reviews –